Impact by experience based
training and consulting

At UBE Academy we differentiate ourselves in the market of consulting and training providers by individually creating tailor-made and customer-specific solutions. We also excel at delivering our knowledge through creative methods and interactive blended learning tools using cutting-edge technology.

Together with our customers, we create consulting workshops and training packages that provide a sustainable learning success for the participants and therefore a real benefit for the company.

Our many years of success confirm our approach – You too can benefit from our expertise, and open the door to SUCCESS!

Why us?

  • Our focus markets:
    • Industrial production (mechanical, electronics, optical and several more)
    • Mobility products and services (metro and high speed links, mobility management)
    • Energy generation, transmission, services and management
    • Health care products and technology
    • Public administration and institutions
  • Immediate implementation in your business practice
  • Based on state of the art management research
  • Global experience on all continents
  • More than 200 years of business and 4000 days of training and consulting experience

Please contact us to benefit from the extensive values we can provide for you and your company:

  • Operative and management business experience in your industry
  • Combining the best solutions available for your success
  • Full customization to your company specifics
  • We can work in English, German, Spanish, French, Arabic language
  • Usage of experience based learning methods
  • We know and understand how organizations work
  • And most important:  We are very easy and fun to work with

Your benefits

Building a skilful and productive team will help your company navigate the complex challenges in the market and capitalize on emerging opportunities. These are some of the benefits your business and your team will experience:

  • Utilizing innovation as a competitive advantage
  • Creating and managing profitable growth
  • Leading the digital business transformation
  • Implementing agile methods in product transformation
  • Supply chain management and procurement skills
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Negotiation excellence
  • Strategic management and business planning
  • Change management

Our customized services

  • Business strategy, development and innovation
    • Strategy demystified
    • Digital transformation
    • Business model generation
    • Product development
    • Innovation management
  • Finance and Controlling
    • Finance demystified
    • Commercial project management
    • Accounting & controlling
  • Sales and Marketing
    • Customer value co-creation
    • Create and defend your pricing model
  • Supply Chain Management and Production
    • Production management
    • Maintenance management
    • Managing your production with LEAN methods
    • Leading a factory with OKR & KPIs
    • Strategic and operational purchasing
  • Change Management
    • Organizational Design
    • PMO and rollout management
  • Leadership

Blended learning

We offer a wide range of delivery formats, from classic on-site classroom to live streaming. Using cutting-edge technology we create the most effective training program for your team:

  • Business simulation and gamification
  • On-site training
  • Live streaming
  • Synchronous and asynchronous webinars
  • Personalized e-learning formats
  • Micro-learning elements
  • Individual coaching
  • Delivery of keynotes for your in-house events
  • Creation of entire learning journeys
  • Workshops, webcasts and podcasts
  • Delivery of Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Integration of Employee Training Apps

About us

We are a team of highly experienced and qualified consultants and trainers with a combined 200+ years of expertise in​:

  • Engineering​
  • Sales & Marketing​​
  • Finance & Commerce​​
  • Supply Chain Management​​
  • Production & Maintenance
  • Change Management
  • Electronics​ & Optics​
  • Power Generation & Transmission